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04 Jan 2016 1478

ECL 2015 Results

The OFFICIAL FINAL RESULTS for European Cheer League 2015! Winner in Cheerleading - Team… Read more...
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26 Dec 2015 929

ECU Rules Conference 2016

ECU Rules Conference 2016 will be organized on 27 & 28 February 2016 at a standard… Read more...
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04 Nov 2015 837

ECU Rules Conference Dates

The 4th ECU Rules Conference will be held on the weekend of the 27 and 28 February 2016… Read more...
29 Aug 2015 1233

ECC Medals overview

We have updated ECU European Cheerleading Championships 2011 - 2015 medals overview.… Read more...
18 Aug 2015 1081

ICU Judges Course

ECU will organize an ICU Judges Course in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 26th and 27th of… Read more...
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28 Jun 2015 2061

New ECU Board

The ECU General Assembly took place on 26 June 2015 in Ljubljana. Delegates of national… Read more...

ECU Main Objectives



Overall development of Cheerleading in Europe and globally.


Thumbs Up

Sport Recognition

International recognition of Cheerleading as sport.




Education of coahes, judges and athletes.




Providing conditions for fair and high qulity competitions.